Technology Thursday


Providing free IT support and skills to keep you connected

Venue: Piper Hall, Cambridge Road Estate, KT1
Time: 1- 5.00pm (every alternate Thursday). See the ComCon calendar for the full list of dates.

What goes on at Technology Thursday?

Technology Thursday is a community ICT outreach drop in.

  • We repair broken computers and if we can’t fix them, you can apply a FREE refurbished computer, monitor and keyboards. 
  • Through our free training programme, we give you the skills to get on line and make best use of all that the Internet offers.  
  • Come and learn how to use on line shopping and save time going down the high street by paying your bills on line.
  • Find out what SKYPE does and how you can catch up with family and friends or stay in touch by email. 
  • Support your children and grandchildren with their homework on line and understand what they are doing and what they shouldn’t be doing.
list of things learners want to learn

The Team

We have one trainer  - Philippa Leary, one ICT Support Worker - Nine Htet and up to 5 volunteers who help set up the training suite, support learners, repair computers and underpin our whole service.

The training programme

Our training was tailored to each learner's knowledge of computers and structured to support them on their individual journey from complete beginner to Internet savvy. 

We used the Go:ON basics learning platform at to deliver the core IT training. Learners were able to log in to use this tried and tested multimedia training on all subjects from using a mouse to sending an email or posting on Facebook. And the great thing about it is that - once signed up they could access the training from home, the library, coffee shop - anywhere internet is available.

The sessions were informal and encouraged carers to relax, talk to each other and enjoy themselves whilst they learnt.

We also structured the session to provide opportunities for everyone to participate in 'breakout sessions', which provided a counter balance to the intense focus of studying online. Quizzes, demonstrations and discussions - as trainers our personal challenge was to be able to 'answer any questions about anything'.

So as you might imagine, the conversations were wide ranging and whilst they arose from an IT issue, they did not always end there.

We also do a nice line in tea and biscuits.

What our learners think of the service - see it...hear it...and come down to visit

See it 

You can see a selection of photos from the training to the left of this article. To view the whole collection, follow this link to our Community Connected photo album.


Hear it

Using the fantastic AudioBoo site we recorded some of our learners' thoughts on the training.

If you are thinking about using AudioBoo yourself, you can also catch up on our case study on the Community How To website.

Read it

When you register with Community Connected we ask what you want to get out of the training and why you want to have a refurbished computer. These are some of your answers.

Download The ICT Wish List >


To all our learners who come to Piper Hall to each session, bringing their enthusiasm and interest with them. Thanks to those who come down to help out after finishing work - dropping in to see how we are all getting along. And as ever a huge thanks to our Digital Champions who support the project at every event and throughout the weeks in between. Read more about being a Digital Champion

Contact us for more information

 Call 020 8255 8040 or email, if you would like to discuss any aspect of the training or call in to Piper Hall.