Get online in Sheephouse Way. 4 computer taster training sessions to inspire. No need to book - just show up - and it's FREE to attend.

We have arranged different topics for each session - on the grounds that there must be one topic of interest to anyone who is wondering why/how they got left behind in the relentesss march towards everyone in the country having the skills and  knowledge to use the Internet.  

If that person is you - and don't worry you are not alone, because the people who know these things estimate that 9.5 million people in the country are in the same boat - then I would like you think about dropping in for a free taster training session.

The only restriction is that you need to live in Kingston - upon- Thames, be available between 1 and 3pm on the following dates and ideally live near to Sheephouse Way.

Thursday 11th June - Broadband - What is it and  what does it really cost? Come and find out and get yourself a deal.

Thursday 18th June - SKYPE - everyone has heard of it but how to you use it and how  do you make a free video call?

Thursday 25th June - Going back into the workplace? Worried about your online skills? You should be, because 73% of employers say they would not employ a candidate without them.  Let us help you get your confidence back with  easy to use online learning  and someone on hand to help.

Thursday 2nd July - Stay safe online - come and find out about the risks you and your family could face from hackers and identity fraud.  Get some tips, tools and a healthy dose of common sense in how to manage your online life.

Community Connected is delighted to be working with RBK's Equalities and Community Engagement Team on this project.