Online basics training for Paragon Community Housing Group's residents in Walton upon Thames starts next week.

Delivery of this exciting pilot project starts on 20th May in the newly refurbished Community Room at Thamesview House in Walton upon Thames. 

Thamesview House

Felix Rd, Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 2SL

Community Connected team will be working with local residents on a mix of online basics internet and email trainin . Plus we will be running some special workshops to help local residents learn things that they would find useful.


Here is a sample selection of the workshops we want to run.

  • Learn to lock down Facebook & protect your kids",
  • "Heat or Eat? Find out how to save £200 on fuel bills"
  •  "Buying a tablet? Get some advice here",
  •  "Searching for work online? Get some tips",
  • "Need to report a fault to Paragon? Do it here!".
  •  "Fear of technology? Learn to love it with Community Connected"
  • "Got a mum or dad who won't use their mobile...bring them to us"

Please note that this training is only open to Paragon's Residents.

If you are looking for some online basics training look at our Technology Thursdays drop in sessions at  Piper Hall on the Cambridge Road estate.