Do you know someone who is having trouble getting online at home?

Are they struggling to understand online jargon - bandwidth/download speeds/WiFi? Not sure how to advise them what equipment to buy or the best way to connect?

Try this online tool from the Tinder Foundation – a national charity set up to help people get online. It will help you to help them decide.

Community Connected has been using this tool as part of our advice sessions on the Home Access project And we have found the best way to use the online diagnostic tools – the essentials of getting on line and the essential tools - is to sit down with a cup of tea and half an hour of time to spare. Working your way through the simple, easy to read explanations, gives you plenty of time to chat and explain things. And at the end of it you will have helped your mum, uncle, client or friend decide what type of equipment to buy – laptop, desktop or tablet and what sort of broadband package to buy.

You know the advantages of being online - saving money and time, sharing thoughts and photos, meeting new people and finding out anything from benefits entitlement to the time of the next bus. You’ll also know the pitfalls and frustrations. Using this tool as a starting point can help you share this knowledge and experience. Why not take a quick look now to get the measure of it?

(Visit the Learn my way webpage and scroll down to section ‘Having trouble getting online at home’ on the bottom right of the page and click ‘Get Setup’.)

Help someone make these first steps – and it will be one of the best gifts you can make this year

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