Community Connected is part of Superhighways and we provide free refurbished computers to residents of Kingston. If you'd like to apply for a FREE refurbished computer, visit the Superhighways website and complete the registration form.

Community Connected's training programme‚Ä®

If you would like some basics skills  training in using your new computer, we can tailor our training to your knowledge of computers and structure support your individual journey from complete beginner to internet savvy.  We used the Go:ON basic learning platform at to deliver the core IT training. You can log in to use this tried and tested multimedia training on all subjects from using a mouse to sending an email or posting on Facebook. And the great thing about this type of learning is that - once signed up -  you can carry on your training from home, the library, and coffee shop - anywhere internet is available.


To the local community in Kingston for the donations of computers for us to refurbish - we could not do it without you.

Contact us for more information

Call 020 8255 8040 or email  if you would like to discuss any aspect of the training or you would like more information on the PC+ Project 


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