3 Reasons to register as a Digital Buddy

Reason Number 1  9.5 million people in the UK lack basic digital skills 


Just some headline figures from this infographic above are that of this number 49% of the people 'off line' areregistered  disabled; 61% are  over 65 and 42% earn less than £12,500 per year.  We all know what a difference using the internet makes to our lives - love it or loathe it - there is no getting away from the huge impact it has.  Researching information, finding cheap deals for insurance, gas and electric bills, holidays, buying food, clothes, ordering repeat prescriptions. The list goes on and on. Can you spare 6 hours a month to support local people get online? 

Reason 2 - As a digi champ we only need you for 2 afternoons a month in Kingston

We run a drop in session twice a month at Piper Hall, on the Cambridge Road Estate - where we have a great group of learners who need some help in gettting the skills to get them online. The sessions always run on a Thursday between 1 and 4.30 in the afternoon. The good news is if you would like to give us more time, then we would be very happy to offer you more.

Or you could help on our Affinity Sutton partnership project at the Riverside Centre, Carshalton on a Tuesday

Reason 3 - you don't have to be an IT expert  to help out

 We need Digi Buddies who can support people to learn how to:

  • send and receive email
  • use a search engine
  • browse the web for fun or for employment
  • fill in an online form safely and securely;
  • inspire  people to use the internet for fun things like watching YouTube
  • helping them find sites or services that meet their needs - from searching for bus journey to how to book a holiday online


Volunteer with Us

We  need your help

We run a number of digital inclusion projects, where we need your help:

Training - we train in online basic skills

Using the learnmyway online skills training site, we help local residents to get to grips with using the internet and all it's many activities. We are looking for people who have an interest in helping people learn. You don't need a teaching degree - just patience and the ability to reassure, motivate  and explain to our learners.

Have a look at how we do this on Technology Thursdays  on the Cambridge Road Estate?

We are also delivering the same online skills training in Sutton and Richmond - see our events calendar

Computers - we refurbish PCs

  • Can you help? Are you familiar with PC hardware?
  • Do you know how to Install Windows/softwareUpgrade memory? Have a look at  PC Plus project which enables local residents to take home a computer for little or no cost
  • You don't have to do any of this if you only want to help out with the basic skills training!

How we support our digital champions

  • We register all our champions with the Learmyway online learning platform, so you can experience how it works.
  • We set you up with access to UK Online Centre training  videos in how to be a digital champion
  • We give hands on support with issues related to the steps in refurbishing computers
  • You will never be left alone to run a session. Our training lead Philippa Leary and ICT Support Worker will always be on hand.

Time commitment

From a couple of days a week to  just a few hours to spare.

If you are looking for work, volunteering for Community Connected improves your job prospects

"Dear Kate, I hope this finds you were. I have some mixed news.Have managed to get a 6 month IT support contract starting tomorrow which hopefully is the start of good things. But unfortunately it means I won't be able to come to the office to help out anymore. Have really appreciated the help and support you have all given."

Case Studies

You can read about some of our volunteers in this PDF.

Interested in finding out more?

Call Community Connected on 02 8255 8040  or download Community Connected's volunteer application form "Interested in volunteering with us and being a Digi Buddy"