Community Connected is a digital inclusion project managed by Superhighways. We work with individuals and organisations at different locations in the borough of Kingston upon Thames.

How digital inclusion affects our community

Created by our team, using a collection of photos, audio stories and footage taken at our training, this video explains how our project works and the difference we make to peoples' lives when we help them to get online.

Working with residents to get them online

Cambridge Road Estate
We deliver a drop-in training service on  the Cambridge Road Estate every two weeks on a Thursday afternoon from 1 to 5pm. We have a suite of laptops, volunteers and trainers to support anyone get online - from complete beginners to those who are just stumped by one simple thing they want to do and can't work out how to get around it. We also run a computer repair service at these sessions.

Read more about the Technology Thursday project and get a feel for the community spirit by browsing our photo album.

Alpha Road Estate

Com Con is delivering similar training thanks to a  Surbiton Neighbourhood grant up until March of this year  to work in / near the Alpha Road estate. Thanks to the co-operation of the Alpha Road Residents Association and RBK's Library Service, we are training out of Surbition and Tolworth Library.

Read more about drop in training sessions in Surbiton

Refurbished Computers at no or low cost

Anyone living in the borough can apply for a refurbished computer from Community Connected's PC Plus Project.  Having a computer at home is vital for a new learner so they can access the online training and out their skills into action.

Working with local organisations to support to their members

We’ve also worked with local organisations like the Kingston Carers Network where last year we trained 30 plus carers from the network to use online services. You can listen to some of our learners talking about their experiences on the training and the difference it made to their lives.

This year we are delighted to be running 3 events  in March and April on how to find and download and use Accessibility  apps on a tablet for members of Age Concern Kingston, Kingston Centre for Independent Living and the carers' network. 

Home Access Support for eveyone - new pilot project

 As one of only 20 UKOnline Centre Partners in the country funded to deliver this exciting, new  Home Access Project we are offering drop in advice session about everything to do with getting connected to broadband, and helping people choose the right set up for their needs - a  computer, a laptop or a tablet.

Digital Champions

We could not deliver our services without the support of our committed volunteers who offer their time, expertise and enthusiasm to help us deliver training and refurbish computers. We are currently developing a 'Digital Champions' training / induction session to recurit more volunteers as our project expands.

Working with the Tinder Foundation

As a UKOnline Centre partner, we use the Tinder Foundation's Learnmyway website as a training resource. The site is packed with courses from getting basic skills like internet and email; to how to complete an online form; how to hunt for jobs online and prepare for interviews; exploring health issues and taking up new hobbies.

We conrtibute case studies and recommend online tools we use to the Foundations CommunityHowTo website.  It's a great starting point if you are looking to find  tools to help with your communication strategy, marketing,  and general productivity. If you are working in the area of social housing and looking at the issues of digital inclusion and your tenants , Tinder also delivers the Digital Housing Hub  where there's a sharing platform for members to learn from each other.

Further Reading ...a must

Topical at the moment is the Government's consultation on its own Digital Inclusion strategy. This is work in progress despite the theme 'digital by default by 2020' being around for a while!. With only 6 years to go and over 4.5 million people completely off line and a further 5.4 million only going online infrequently, this is looking like a big ask.  And it makes the timescale for the work for local residents  even more urgent.



Our thanks to the following organisation who fund Community Connected to deliver these projects:

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